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Hi, I’m Pam - a freelance digital marketing and design consultant. As a child, I always liked wearing, so it’s no wonder I like to metaphorically wear a lot of them in my career, too!

This business first came to life during my evenings and weekends while working my 9-5 marketing job for a large CPG company. I quickly realized that I was able to make this my full time gig and be my own boss. My goal is to partner with businesses who have values that align with my own. I always start with the “why” behind your business, and from there I can build out a thoughtful and strategic approach to bring your dreams to life.


I have been called a bit of a digital unicorn - which is fine by me because unicorns are kind of awesome! I’ve cultivated my skills over the last 10 years and picked up new skills, like website + app design and user experience because I knew there was a massive opportunity for me to provide end to end services for my clients who were looking to launch a brand or revamp it completely.

Copywriting & Content Marketing

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App Design

App designs should be clean, high quality and serve a clear purpose and journey. In this digitally savvy environment, app design needs to be functional and as user-friendly as possible. I pride myself on designing modern interfaces that are easy to understand and beautiful to look at.

User Experience

You can have the nicest looking website or app but if it’s not functional, meaning people can’t intuitively navigate through it, then it’s completely pointless. When I create a UX wireframe I make sure it’s really easy to use and familiar. This ensures that your customers are never frustrated and drop off.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is my bread and butter. It’s where I started my career and one of my passions. If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, boost sales or crush your competition, I can put together a winning digital marketing plan to suit your needs.

Social Media

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest require beautiful, authentic content that will not only captivate your audience but create a long lasting impression. My goal is to create a community of loyal brand advocates through engaging social media content.

Photo / Video

Your website and social channels should have consistency in the imagery and videos you share. My job is to help you create a cohesive brand experience through my photography and video packages. For an additional cost, I also offer lifestyle content packages.

My Skills

Whether you’re just launching your company or not seeing the results you want, I’m here to help. I prefer to work with you as a strategic partner because I truly invest myself in your company and in your success.

Content Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Posts & Content



I partnered with Vogue to create a digital marketing strategy for acquiring new readers to their online platform. Through a variety of Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram advertising and a refresh on their Canadian content strategy, there was a lift in traffic by 27% YoY.


I partnered with Hubspot to create social media and blog content to help raise awareness of their new service offerings and increase engagement on their channels. It was a multi-pronged approach by having the social media and blog posts complimented each other.


I partnered with Freshbooks to create a social media campaign targeted to small business owners by featuring their stories of resiliency. I provided them with 10 videos that were used on Freshbooks’ website and social channels.


I partnered with Moz.com to provide them with a content marketing strategy and authored a series of blog posts to help them rank for key topics within the digital marketing category. This educational series received over 5,000+ visits per month.


I’ve been lucky to partner with incredible people and brands over 10 years as a freelance digital consultant. Here are a few kind words my clients had to say about their experience working with me.

Pam is an absolute superstar to work with. She really does it all and handles every situation with such professionalism and grace. I will continue to work with her for years to come!

Maria Andrews

If you’re looking for a digital marketing guru who also has a knack for design, you found a unicorn in Pam. She’s amazing and such a delight to work with

Jane James

By far the best experience I’ve had working with a freelance consultant. Pam was reliable and delivered exceptional quality work and delivered results.

Joyce Owens


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